Responsive Restaurant Websites Are Key to Your Business Success

Responsive Restaurant Websites

Over the last several years, search engines like Google have emphasized the importance of responsive restaurant websites. In fact, Google’s Webmaster Central Blog released a statement in 2018 announcing that the search engine would switch to mobile-first indexing.

In the post, Google acknowledged that it still uses a single index. It also admits that, going forward, it will give more importance to mobile-friendly sites with responsive designs.

If you don’t use responsive website templates for restaurants, then you will get a lower Google ranking than competitors that use responsive designs. By improving your search engine position, you will attract more customers and earn more money for your business.

Google decided to adjust its approach to website indexing because more people have started relying on their mobile devices than their desktop computers. In 2009, only 0.7% of web traffic came from mobile phones. In 2018, mobile phones accounted for 52.2% of internet traffic. As more people start using their mobile devices to access websites, Google went with the trend by giving preference to mobile optimized restaurant websites.

Other benefits that you get from responsive restaurant websites include:

  • A more attractive (and usable) experience for mobile users.
  • Increased carryout and delivery orders from mobile users.
  • More visits from people using mobile devices to find restaurants near them.

Without a responsive design, your homepage and menu may look incomprehensible on mobile devices. And so, clients looking to order may decide to go to your competitor’s website and order from there. However, switching to a responsive restaurant menu from a mobile optimized restaurant website builder solves this problem.

Responsive Restaurant Websites Improve Your Restaurant’s Performance

The right responsive restaurant website builder will ensure that your restaurant’s website has all of the features it needs to attract more customers. Some of the elements to look for in the best responsive restaurant websites include:

  • Mobile SEO for Google that will boost website rankings.
  • An online menu that mobile users can easily navigate through.
  • A mobile-friendly online ordering system that helps customers place orders through their smartphones without problems.
  • A reservation form that looks attractive on small screens.
  • Delicious images that load quickly and drive customers to order more food

Ideally, you should have a responsive restaurant website builder with already-implemented mobile SEO and a great design.

Finding the Right Website Builder for Your Restaurant

Dozens of website builders say that they can give you effective restaurant reservation templates, online ordering, and mobile friendly restaurant websites.

Unfortunately, you can’t believe every promise that you read on the internet.

When searching for a company that understands the mobile friendly website importance, you should ask to see examples of websites that the companies have built. Keep your eyes open for responsive restaurant menu examples and choose from some of the best responsive restaurant websites.

If the website builder can’t show you excellent examples of optimizing a restaurant website for mobile, then the company probably doesn’t understand the importance of mobile friendly websites in 2019.

Here are some of the most important features to look for in a truly great responsive restaurant website builder:

  • Responsive restaurant menu templates that you can easily update.
  • Templates that will make your homepage look gorgeous.
  • Access to mouth-watering images that make clients order more food.
  • Reservation templates that help people choose dates and times.
  • Images and text that adjust to the user’s screen size.

Now that you know more about what you should expect from a responsive restaurant website builder, you can start looking for a company that matches your needs.

In the next article, we’ll look at more details that make responsive restaurant websites crucial for your business’s success and we’ll show you where you can find one.

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