How to Pick a Great Restaurant Domain Name: The Do’s and Don’ts

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Picking the right restaurant domain name can affect how many people use your website to order food. If you have a memorable restaurant domain name, then customers will find it easier to remember your site. With an off-brand or complicated name, customers will have a hard time finding you online.

Using a great restaurant website builder will also help your customers order food from you. Without a good domain name, though, it’s unlikely that your website will generate many orders.

Use the following do’s and don’ts to make sure you choose a name that will help your restaurant sales thrive.

Do: Base the Domain Name on Your Restaurant’s Name

Ideally, you can use your restaurant’s name as your restaurant domain name. Whether you can use your restaurant’s name, though, depends on whether another business has already purchased the domain. For example, if you own a restaurant called "Joe’s Diner", you can’t use as your domain name. Someone else already owns it.

Before you even try to buy a domain online, search the internet for restaurants that share your name and check out for the ones with available extensions (.com; .net, .kitchen, .bar, etc). You may even find one that you like and that’s easy to remember.

Do: Add Unique Information to Your Restaurant’s Name

If someone already owns the domain name that you want, then you can add information to make your URL unique. Let’s say you own Joe’s Diner in San Francisco’s Mission District. You could use your location to create a unique restaurant domain name like:


You can also try using food related domain names. If Joe’s Diner specializes in hamburgers, then you might try names like:


Don’t: Go Too Far Off Brand

Taking an inventive approach can help you find restaurant domain names that your customers will remember. A catchy name that goes too far off brand, though, probably won’t increase your online orders.

Sticking with the Joe’s Diner example, you shouldn’t register domain names like:


… since they're way too general.

Customers won’t connect these domain names to your restaurant’s name unless you have used the saying as a slogan. If you frequently call your restaurant "Joe’s Diner: Best Mission Burgers!" then you could probably use Those opportunities don’t happen often, though.

Don’t: Avoid having a long domain name

The longer it gets, the more difficult it will be for your customers to get it right and reach your website fast. Alternatively, you shouldn’t use numbers or even dashes. People won’t remember where they go.

Do: Use Alternative Top-Level Domains

Top-level domains include .com, .net, and, .org. They’re the suffixes at the end of website addresses. When you do a domain search, you should also look at options outside of the most popular suffixes. In fact, you might find that you can search for a GoDaddy domain that makes your website address more memorable, like:

  • .kitchen
  • .catering
  • .eat
  • .kosher
  • .pizza
  • .restaurant
  • .beer
  • .coffee
  • .pub
  • .menu
  • .farm
  • .cafe
  • .cooking
  • .organic

These are new extensions and there are plenty of good restaurant names that haven’t been used alongside these extensions.

So you don’t need to worry that someone already bought You can use the .kitchen domain, instead. As long as no one owns, you can register it and start accepting online orders.

Good Restaurant Names That Aren’t Taken

Never base your restaurant’s name on your domain name. Choosing your restaurant name from an available domain names list will always lead you down the wrong path.

Instead, sit down with some creative friends and business partners to brainstorm unique restaurant names. You can worry about domain name registration after you have the name you want to use.

Keep a list of every idea that you have. After your brainstorming session, you can go back and remove the names you don’t like. Letting your creativity flow without restriction, though, could lead to a great name for your restaurant’s name.

Once you have a great name chosen, do a domain search to see what web addresses are available. If the restaurant’s name has been taken, then you can come up with similar restaurant domain name ideas.

As soon as you find yours, then it's time to register your domain. And its best to do it quickly - if someone else does it before you get the chance to, then you'll be back to square one; meaning, you'll have to start searching for another great restaurant domain name

Now that you’ve found a great name for your restaurant and website, use a restaurant website builder to make sure your customers can place pickup and delivery orders as easy and as fast as possible.

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