Increase your sales with a restaurant website builder with online ordering

Take advantage of the free built-in online ordering system and confirm orders from your own smartphone or tablet.

In addition, you can use the ordering APIs to connect with any delivery management system you like the most.

Restaurant website builder with online ordering

Spice up your menu with the promotions and couponing engine

Appeal, retain & encourage customers into ordering more food. This restaurant website with online ordering comes with a spicy coupon and restaurant promotions engine that can help you increase your business.

Start with the tried-and-tested promotion templates, and delve into the advanced settings, like client segmentation or targeting. With the GloriaFood wizard guiding you along the way, it’s a piece of cake.

reporting module to monitor your restaurant web sales

Use delivery heatmaps to go to where your customers are

The delivery heatmap feature from GloriaFood enables you to see the neighbourhoods generating the largest-and-smallest-value orders.

With this valuable insight, you can easily:

  • spot all the online ordering hot-spots for your restaurant,
  • target your customers more effectively,
  • and increase your online sales with area-specific or any type of promotions.

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reporting module to monitor your restaurant web sales

Watch your online restaurant business grow over time

Stand out from your competition with our Restaurant Analytics module! By monitoring your restaurant statistics & listening to the advice we provide, you can constantly improve your business!

With this restaurant website creator, you’ll get access to valuable restaurant data, like:

  • order revenue,
  • full customer lists,
  • Google ranking'
  • Website visits,
  • and much more.
Restaurant website with online ordering

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