Generate a free contactless menu for restaurants, within minutes

You can generate a QR code for your restaurant menu in just a few seconds with the online ordering system integrated within this restaurant website builder.

The best part: it’s completely free. The only investment needed is printing the flyers you will be displaying in the restaurant. Get yours now!

Increase restaurant sales by embracing contactless menu ordering

Not enough waiters at peak hours? Don’t worry, you can still eliminate waiting times and increase customer satisfaction!

With this QR code menu for restaurants, clients can order as soon as they are seated, with just a few taps on their mobile device. With a simple scan, clients can access your interactive online menu with the dine-in option already preselected.

What’s more, you prevent order-taking errors and empower your team to concentrate on delivering the best restaurant service possible.

contactless menu for restaurants

Increase order value with a few selected restaurant food offers

Encourage customers to order more food while dining-in. Our contactless menu for restaurants is adorned with mouth-watering pictures of food, intuitive navigation, and most importantly, attractive promotions.

Free dessert on orders over $30 for dine-in? 10% discount on the check if you spend $60? Two drinks for the price of one? Choose the best offer for your clients!

Could this be the best QR code menu for restaurants? You tell us. Create a free account now.

best qr code menu for restaurants

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