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The Benefits of Choosing GloriaFood Responsive Restaurant Website Templates

GloriaFood offers all of the responsive restaurant website templates that you need to create a new website within minutes. Even if you already have a simple restaurant website, GloriaFood’s responsive restaurant template will improve how customers interact with your business. It doesn’t take long before better interaction leads to more sales that will help your restaurant grow.

We know that there are many restaurant profile template options out there. So, we want to make sure you understand the benefits of choosing our templates over those offered by other companies.

Why You Need Responsive Restaurant Website Templates

Responsive websites have become essential for businesses over the last few years. As mentioned in the previous post, Google already gives higher rankings to mobile-friendly websites. If your restaurant doesn’t use a mobile-friendly design, then Google will penalize you.

Gloriafood responsive restaurant website templates that come with a great mobile design

It makes sense for Google to focus on mobile-friendly websites because more and more people use their smartphones and tablets to access the internet. Between 2014 and 2018, the percentage of people using mobile phones to access the internet jumped from 48.8% to 61.2%.

Using responsive website templates for restaurants can:

  • Make your site more accessible for people with mobile devices.
  • Help your page load faster on mobile phones.
  • Lower your restaurant website’s bounce rate (and prevent people from leaving your site).
  • Prevent duplicate content that can lower your search engine rankings.
  • Help people share your pages on social media & and disseminate the word about your business (free publicity!).

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You Don’t Need Any Experience Coding When You Use Responsive Templates

Restaurant website templates make it easy for you to build pages that will appeal to your target audience. As long as you choose a reliable model, you don’t need any experience coding. You fill out the template’s fields with a bit of information to make a website that helps your restaurant succeed.

With the right templates, you can make:

  • A responsive restaurant menu that helps mobile users choose your restaurant over your competitors.
  • Mobile-friendly online ordering that will boost your carry out and delivery sales.
  • A food order form template that’s easy to navigate.
  • Mobile friendly pages that advertise your current and upcoming specials (see image below).
Gloriafood responsive restaurant website templates

The best restaurant website builders even give you a responsive table reservation widget.

Gloriafood responsive restaurant website templates

When you enable online reservations using a restaurant table booking WordPress theme, you make it easier for customers to reserve tables without calling the restaurant. Suddenly, your employees don’t have to spend as much time answering the phone and writing down reservation info. Instead, they can focus on serving the people already in your restaurant.

Update Your Online Menu Instantly

The next time you need to change your menu, you can open your restaurant template menu and make the required changes. Again, you don’t need any coding experience.

With restaurant and cafe website templates, you type in the new information and choose from our vast collection of mouth-watering pictures. They will entice customers to order from you online or to pay you a visit to the restaurant.

Our food delivery WordPress theme will make online ordering a breeze and encourage more customers to choose you over your competitors.

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Boost Sales by Taking Control of What Your Customers See

Some restaurant owners wonder why they need to worry about creating their own websites. After all, there are already plenty of food portals that will advertise restaurants for free.

Unfortunately, food portals and similar websites don’t care whether customers choose your restaurant. They only care about bringing more traffic to their sites. That means they will post information about your competitors, too.

When you rely on a food portal, you put your restaurant at a disadvantage because potential customers see menus to all of the other restaurants in your area.

When you establish your own site, you boost sales by taking control of what your customers see. People who click on your site don’t see menus and specials from your competitors. They only see the fabulous foods and drinks that you sell.

Eliminate the competition so you can secure more customers and increase your sales.

90% of all orders are placed on mobile devices Make sure your website looks good on both desktop and mobile Get your own restaurant website

Using Templates When You Already Have a Website

If you already have a responsive website for your restaurant, then you’re ahead of the game. Good for you! You already know how to make smart choices for your business.

Chances are that you’re using a website building service like:

GloriaFood’s templates work with these and other popular website builders for restaurants. With templates from GloriaFood, you can make your current website even more effective.

For example, you can make your Joomla restaurant template responsive using our widget. It’s a fast, easy way to create a cheap restaurant website that works for mobile users as well as people using their desktop computers.

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If you want to skip website builders altogether, you can use our restaurant website generator to make a fully responsive site. Detailed instructions can be found in this video tutorial.

GloriaFood offers a variety of templates for your restaurant. If you sell pizza, then you can use our pizza website template. Our online pizza order website template will make it simple for your customers to place repeat orders.

If you manage an Italian restaurant, you can use the Italian restaurant website template to improve your SEO and access beautiful pictures of pasta, bread, and other foods.

You can even choose a fast food website template that will make your restaurant competitive with other fast food joints in your area.

We offer a one-page business website template for restaurants because we recognize the importance of having everything in one place for your customers to see. Fewer clicks for them mean more sales for you.

Top Features From GloriaFood’s Responsive Templates

GloriaFood’s responsive templates give your restaurant many advantages that your competitors don’t have. Some of the top features that you get from our responsive website templates for restaurants include:

  • SEO optimization that helps customers find your website online.
  • Responsive designs that look attractive on screens of all sizes.
  • A library of professional images that will make your restaurant more marketable to first-time and repeat customers.
  • Beautiful designs that don’t clutter smartphone screens.
  • Online menus that you can update within seconds.
  • Reservation templates that will give your employees more time away from the phone.
  • Delivery service website template that will make it easier for customers to order food.

Perhaps best of all, GloriaFood doesn’t take a commission on the food you sell. You can access Chinese restaurant website templates for free, choose our WordPress restaurant theme with online ordering, or download cafe responsive restaurant website templates without losing a portion of your revenues.

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Successful Food Website Examples That Use GloriaFood

Take a look at some of the restaurants below that use our responsive restaurant website template to see what you could benefit from as well.

The homepage of Eleni’s Pizza Works with a delicious-looking custom image.

responsive pizzeria homepage on mobile

The lovely, easy-to-browse ordering menu of Bamboo / Healthy Foods.

responsive online ordering menu from bamboo healthy foods

The table reservation widget of Burger Chef is one click away.

burger chef’s responsive table reservation widget on mobile

Google Maps integration allows you to pin-point the exact location of Pizza One Avon.

responsive google maps integration on pizzeria website

Special offers of Honest John’s Pizzeria

responsive special offers section on honest john’s pizzeria website

Restaurants face much competition. Improving your website is a big step toward improving your location’s popularity and boosting its profits. When you choose the right responsive restaurant website templates, your restaurant becomes easier to find and more appealing to people searching for amazing places to eat.

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