How to Take Orders and Increase Revenue Using Your Restaurant Facebook Page

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If you’ve looked at Facebook’s user statistics over the last few years, you’ve probably wondered how to take restaurant orders on Facebook.

As of the third quarter of 2022, Facebook boasted an impressive 1.98 billion monthly active users, making it the world’s largest social media platform.

Alex Himel, VP of Product & Engineering at Facebook, summarized the opportunity in 2017 when he told The Verge that “People already go to Facebook to browse restaurants and decide where to eat or where to order food, so we’re making that easier.”

Himel has it right. Given that so many people already seek restaurants online, it makes sense to take advantage of your restaurant Facebook page and turn it into an ordering system.

Now the question is: How can you take advantage of the Facebook “start order”button to increase your sales and beat your competitors? Here are some ideas to get you started!

Facebook Ordering System Benefits

If you already have a restaurant ordering system software that lets customers place their orders online, you may wonder whether Facebook can really help you increase your sales.

That’s an understandable question, especially when you consider that Facebook’s delivery partners set their own online ordering system pricing. When customers use Facebook to order food, someone has to pay for the delivery, right?

Let’s consider the benefits of the Facebook food ordering system by GloriaFood so you can decide whether it’s right for you (spoiler: nearly everyone decides that it’s right for them!)

Some of the benefits of taking orders from your restaurant Facebook page include:

  • Giving people a faster route to ordering food directly through Facebook by opening your menu in a new tab instead of forcing them to disrupt their Facebook time and visit your website separately.
  • More opportunities to make people hungry by featuring mouth-watering pictures of your delicious food that they can order immediately.
  • Getting a chance to use a platform that billions of people already know well.
  • Appealing to more people in your local area.
  • Boosting customer loyalty by sharing it with your followers.

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Plus, and here’s one of the biggest selling points, by using our restaurant website builder, you get a free online ordering system for your business. Delivery services might charge a fee, but you still get a restaurant ordering app for free.

When it comes down to it, adopting Facebook’s online ordering system for businesses makes sense because it can help you reach more customers and earn more money. GloriaFood and Facebook give you a simple way to reach your goals without any online ordering system cost.

Add Online Ordering to Your Restaurant Facebook Page

First, you need to add the Facebook ordering system to your restaurant’s Facebook profile. Here’s how to add the Facebook “Start Order” button using our smart link:

  1. 1. Click on the blue “Add a Button” button on your restaurant’s Facebook page.
    take orders from your restaurant facebook page
  2. 2. Choose the “Start Order” call to action.
    facebook restaurant menu
  3. 3. Go to your GloriaFood restaurant dashboard in admin -> Publishing -> Facebook, and copy the smart link we provide.
    create facebook page for restaurant
  4. 4. Paste the smart link into the field provided and click “Save.”
    best restaurant facebook page

When people will visit your restaurant Facebook page, they will see the “Start Order” button. When they click on it, they will be redirected straight to your online menu in a new tab.

Send people from your Facebook page to your online menu Use our smart link to cut out the middleman and optimize the ordering experience Start Now

Keep Track of Orders Coming from Facebook

Facebook has a lot of marketing tools that will help you publicize your menu and tempt customers to use online food delivery.

But why stop there when you can direct people to Facebook through your website?

When you use Facebook’s online ordering system software, you might only have access to certain information about your customers. When you use your website’s restaurant online ordering system, you can learn more about who orders food online.

By going to admin -> Reports -> Essentials, you get access to relevant restaurant analytics that can help up your marketing game, such as:

  • The number and value of accepted orders
  • The number of website visitors
  • The number of new vs returning customers

You can also see how many of your orders come directly from your restaurant Facebook page and how many people access your access your website with a link from social media.

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Advertise Your Specials

You should also use your website and restaurant Facebook page to advertise your specials.

Specials should entice hungry people to learn more about your restaurant. Use your Facebook page to post specials like:

“Try our new, farm-fresh toppings for the best pizza in town!” or “Get $2 off your meal when you use Facebook to order food today!”

With our restaurant ordering system, setting up a promotion takes less than eating a slice of pizza! Just go to admin -> Marketing -> Promotions -> Self-made Promos and choose the sale you want to offer.

how to take orders from your restaurant facebook page

You can customize the promotions from simple settings such as image, text and minimum order amount to more advanced ones like type of client, display time, delivery zone or exclusivity.

Learn more about how easy and useful it is to set up promotions an advertise them on Facebook from this video:

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Stay in Touch With Your Audience

Social media does more than show you how to take restaurant orders on Facebook. It gives you opportunities to stay in touch with your audience.

Ideas that work for a lot of restaurantsProfessional pictures of new menu items. include posts like:

  • Professional pictures of new menu items.
  • Celebrations for local holidays and events.
  • Telling people about events that your business supports (such as 5K runs, community parties, and fundraisers).
  • Recognizing cherished members of your city or town.

You want to know how to take orders from your restaurant Facebook page, but you also want to know how to use social media to build an audience and improve your brand’s recognition!

Tell People More About Your Restaurant

Are you taking advantage of other Facebook features that can benefit your restaurant?

The platform's online takeaway ordering system works best when you follow these tips:

  • Fill out the About page to teach people about your restaurant and make it easier for search engines to find you.
  • Include your address to help people find your restaurant’s location.
  • Use TripAdvisor for restaurants to make searching for your restaurant even easier.
  • Add a cover photo to make your restaurant Facebook page more inviting.
  • Make your profile personal by posting pictures and telling stories.

Final Words

Now that you know how to take orders from your restaurant Facebook page using our Facebook food ordering system, set up your page and start making your carryout & delivery business more profitable.

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