20 Creative Facebook Posts for Restaurants to Up your Marketing Game

Facebook posts for restaurants

72% of customers use Facebook to make restaurant decisions, based on comments, images, and reviews left by other users. If you target millennials and older generations, having an active presence on Facebook is a must.

To reach the biggest audience, experts recommend you post about one to two times a day. It can be hard to always come up with relevant content that will entertain your followers, promote engagement, and drive conversions.

The good news is that we are here to help you with a variety of creative Facebook posts for restaurants:

Creative Facebook posts for restaurants you must try:

Grow your business by implementing the following restaurant Facebook marketing ideas:

1. Share customer's reviews

Reviews are the new currency online. Most people search for restaurant reviews before visiting a place because they trust other people’s experiences. Encourage positive testimonials on all review platforms and you will have content for Facebook for many days to come.

Ask the people who reviewed your restaurant for permission before you post it on your wall. In the caption, tell followers great reviews help your business grow and you appreciate their continuous support.

2. Let people know about your restaurant’s history

If somebody is on your restaurant’s Facebook page, it is because they want to know more about your food and business. Therefore, occasionally, you can tell people small stories about your history, focusing on:

  • Why you opened your restaurant
  • What are your values
  • Is it a family restaurant?
  • How the restaurant evolved other time

3. Showcase your special ingredients

Take every opportunity to get people to notice you and choose your restaurant over your competitors. If you use special ingredients, perhaps organic, imported from a specific country or local, ensure you make it known.

Share a picture of the raw ingredients with the final dish and tell people why they are special and why they should try them.

4. Give your followers access behind the scenes

Build your community by allowing people to see how life is at your restaurant. Share snippets, videos, and stories from every part of your process, such as:

  • Getting ingredients from local producers
  • Preparing the mise-en-place
  • Staff having fund
  • Servers helping clients
  • Chefs preparing menu items

5. Promote your menu items with engagement-generating questions

The majority of creative Facebook posts for restaurants should be about food. So, you need a large gallery of professional photos of your menu items you can use to create posts every day.

The mouth-watering picture will make people stop, but if you want them to interact, add questions in your captions. Here are a few examples:

  • What is your favorite dish from our menu?
  • What’s your favorite sauce for pizza?
  • Are you team ketchup or team mayonnaise?
  • What does your perfect burger look like?

6. Attract more clients with promotions

Promotions are probably one of the most sought-after types of creative Facebook posts for restaurants. While other posts may provide entertainment, restaurant promotions offer clients a benefit.

If you want to attract more clients to your restaurant and increase your average order value, start adding irresistible deals to your restaurant menu, website, and social media.

With our online ordering system, you can set up a variety of tried and tested promotions templates in seconds and they will be immediately visible at the top of your menu:

Afterward, you can just screenshot them and post the image on your Facebook wall. Fast and efficient.

facebook marketing for restaurants

7. Allow people to experience how easy it is to order online

The best way to let people know you offer online ordering is to show them. Make a video showing a person ordering on your website, going through all the steps to receiving the order, and enjoying the menu items.

The online ordering system from GloriaFood makes online ordering easy both for you and your clients. Customers don’t have to bother with phone calls, they can easily browse the menu on your website and order in seconds.

Sprinkle your Facebook posts with links to your online ordering website Get a restaurant website with online ordering in just 10 minutes Start now

Did we mention it is free? Streamline your online orders by installing this online ordering system to your website in less than ten minutes:

8. Make people have FOMO about reserving a table at your place

A table reservation system is a great tool both for you and your clients. But your followers may not know you have one. Here are a few caption ideas to use for creative Facebook posts for restaurants:

  • We only have 8 more open seats for tonight! Hurry up and book a table to enjoy the best Indian food in the South!
  • Did you make plans for this weekend? How about reuniting with your friends and a delicious Neapolitan-style pizza? Book a table now to ensure your spot!

Don’t forget to link to your website, where your customers can easily book a table in just a few clicks. If you don’t already have a table reservation system, you can get a free one in minutes using our online ordering system.

facebook advertising for restaurants

9. Show your chef cook a part of your best-selling dish on video

While you can’t have people in your actual kitchen, you can offer them a digital visit. Let people in on your cooking secrets by filming how your chef cooks some of your best-selling dishes.

You get bonus points if you catch something impressing such as flipping a pizza in the air or flambéing meat.

10. Host a Q&A in the comments

When you are searching for creative Facebook posts for restaurants, you should focus on ones that persuade people to interact with your page, increasing your traffic in the process.

If you have a few free hours in your day, you can stage a Q&A in the comments of the post where you allow people to ask you anything about your restaurant business. Be positive and friendly in the answers because this is your chance to gain new loyal customers.

11. Advertise upcoming events

Do you organize music nights? Do you host different types of events? Do you have regular tasting menus? Then you should let people know about them on social media, on top of your restaurant’s website.

Don’t forget to remind people they can easily make a reservation directly on your website!

12. Organize a video contest with food prizes

Video content is becoming increasingly more popular by the day, so it is time to take advantage of it. Forget about the classic simple contests and think about implementing out-of-the-box ones, like:

  • Share a video from inside our restaurant (it can be the décor, the food, or the staff) and tell us what your favorite part is for a chance to win a free all-paid meal for you and three of your friends!
  • Make an unboxing video with an order for our restaurant and share it on your profile for a chance to win 4 free orders with a maximum value of $60!

13. Partner up with local businesses and promote their establishments

A great way to reach new customers is to partner up with local businesses and have them recommend your business while you recommend theirs on social media.

Don’t go for competitors, but rather complimentary businesses such as wineries, distilleries, hotels, etc.

14. Repost stories where your restaurant is tagged

User-generated content is a great way to boost the number of creative Facebook posts for restaurants. Any time you see someone tagging your restaurant on a positive note, add the post to your story to let other followers see clients enjoy your food.

If you get a more in-depth review, consider asking them for permission to add it to your feed. This way, if undecided people browse your social media, they will surely be convinced to visit or order by other client’s positive experiences.

15. Stage a guess the ingredients game for new menu items

One of the best types of creative Facebook posts for restaurants is “guess-the”. This will get people interacting with your post and it will be shown to more people.

When you launch a new menu item, post a great picture of it and ask people to guess the ingredients. You can even consider a prize for the first person to guess right, such as a free meal for two.

16. Participate in social media challenges related to food

Take time out of your day to keep up with social media challenges and find some related to food that will work well for your business. For example, in the winter every influencer is on the lookout for the best chocolate in their town. Maybe you can get on their list.

This will help you reach a new audience that you can convince to become regular clients at your restaurants. Word of mouth is now the voice of influencers.

17. Highlight menu items that cater to different diets or are allergy-safe

Many people find it hard to order from a restaurant because they have allergies or are on a specific diet. If you have menu items that cater to dietary preferences, you should promote them on your menu and social media.

With the menu editor embedded in our online ordering system, you can easily add allergen and nutritional information and mark items as any of the following: “Hot, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Halal, Nut-free, Dairy-free or Raw”.

Attract more clients on Facebook by showcasing special menu items Use this menu editor to mark dishes that are allergy safe or cater to a specific diet Start now

The info will be added under each menu item for increased visibility.

creative Facebook posts for restaurants

18. Pick one employee a week to boast about

Your employees are the face of the business. While people who visit you will get to meet them and experience the great service they offer, your online followers need a little push to take the big step and make a reservation.

Attract customers by implementing weekly presentations for your staff members. Show a picture of them at work and a small Q&A in the caption, such as “What is your favorite menu item?” and “What is your favorite thing at this job?”.

19. Share your cooking knowledge

The end goal of all creative Facebook posts for restaurants is to get more clients for your restaurants. But you can also do so by giving your clients useful information, not just sales pitches.

Once a week, have your chef teach people easy cooking tricks such as how to poach an egg, how to make perfect mayonnaise every time, how to make a spicy sauce, etc.

20. Participate in the Clean with Me internet sensation

There is an internet craze that has remained strong for quite some years: Clean with Me videos. People enjoy watching other people clean because they find it interesting, relaxing, or entertaining.

Therefore, this is your chance to kill two birds with one stone. You can gain more followers while showing clients you maintain a high standard of hygiene in your restaurant and kitchen.

You can film how you clean your ingredients, your counters, your storage space, your tables, etc.


To make it easier to post so often, you can create a social media content calendar that will help you keep organized. You just schedule all creative Facebook pots for restaurants for two weeks so you can focus on other important tasks.

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