10 Restaurant Website Promotion Ideas for Delivery & Takeout You Need Right Now

restaurant website promotion ideas for delivery

Have you just launched your delivery and takeout business? Good, that means you’re one step closer to increasing your restaurant profits. Are you thinking about starting one and you want to kick it off just right with a sweet promo? You’re definitely on to something. While you should have creative restaurant promotions for people who visit your location, you shouldn’t neglect dedicated delivery and takeout promotions either.

Continue reading to find out why having exclusive promos for takeout and delivery is a good idea, and how to increase delivery orders with the help of these essential restaurant website promotion ideas.

Why You Should Consider Delivery-and-Takeout-Only Promotions

First and foremost, delivery promos are one of the best ways of incentivizing people to order from you online. This is where a first-order promo comes in. Once they’ve ordered from you once, you can retarget them with another exclusive delivery promo. If they were satisfied with the first order, a new promotion would most likely motivate them to place another one.

Delivery-only promos are also a great way to lure customers who have dined with you before into placing their first order. They already know the food is good, so all they need is a little push. Wondering how to advertise your food delivery service? If you have a database, you can send the promo to them as a way of letting them know online ordering is now available.

Let’s face it, a lot more restaurants are focusing on delivery now, even in a post pandemic world. That means customers have so many options that they might not pick your restaurant... unless you give them a good reason to. A significant discount of 20-30% can help you stand out in the crowd.

Having a restaurant website promotion might not be enough to gain customer loyalty, but if you consistently come out with new promos, undecided customers will remember you. The next time they’ll want to place an order, they might first check your website for a new promo before going to the competition.

Finally, another way in which exclusive website promotions for delivery and takeout can help you is by filling gaps on particularly slow days. For instance, come winter, people will invariably want to order more at home instead of bracing the cold weather. That’s your time to shine and shift your attention from dining room promotions to online ones.

Read on to find a variety of delivery promotion ideas that will help you increase your restaurant’s sales:

10 Restaurant Website Promotion Ideas for Delivery & Takeout

We’ve compiled an extensive list of restaurant promotion examples you can draw inspiration from to market your restaurant and menu items.

1. Lunch specials

Lunch bundles work on multiple levels for your delivery and takeout business. First, everyone loves a good bargain and paying a small price for a three-course meal. Second, lunch is probably not your busiest time. So, having a promo that targets that time of day will help you pick up business.

Depending on your target clientele and restaurant location, you can put different spins on the idea. If you usually deliver to office buildings, make it an “office lunch bundle.” If you want to highlight the pandemic and people having to stay in, turn it into a “lockdown lunch special.”

2. Family bundles

Parents looking for a way to feed the whole family without having to cook will appreciate a good deal on a family meal bundle. Whether it’s an extra-large pizza, three salads, a dessert, and a couple of drinks, or separate main dishes and sides put together as a takeaway combo at an affordable price, your delivery menu could benefit from a family deal.

3. Romantic date night at home

Couples are sometimes tired after a long day of work and just want to chill at home. But wait, that doesn’t mean they can’t have a special date night, courtesy of your restaurant. Serve traditional date night food like pasta or steak and add a dessert or a bottle of wine on the house.

To help customers make the evening more romantic you can customize the packaging, suggest a playlist that would go with your meal, or add some flowers to the mix.

4. Holiday specials

The winter holidays are fast approaching, and they’re begging for unique food delivery promotion ideas. After that comes Valentine’s Day, and then International Women’s Day isn’t far off either.

The point is, you should take advantage of all these holidays and special days to show off your online menu. Especially now, people might want to relax in their time off instead of preparing a huge holiday meal. So, they will resort to takeout.

Serve a traditional Christmas meal with stuffed turkey, gravy, and mashed potatoes. For Valentine’s Day, take a page out of the romantic date night idea. For International Women’s Day, add a flower bouquet to all delivery and takeout orders. Additionally, give customers the option to add a card for a special woman in their life if they want to surprise them with a delicious meal.

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5. Weekend discounts

Food delivery campaigns need a secret ingredient to make them irresistible. Nothing peaks interest more than a limited time offer. On that note, offer discounts on a different menu item each weekend (or any other day of the week, your choice) to raise interest in that item and boost sales. Start with menu items that don’t sell that well since your most popular ones will sell well enough without your help.

Offering weekend discounts is also one of the greatest small restaurant promotion ideas because it can help you advertise your business to a new audience. Ensure you post about your new deal on social media to get the word out.

6. Happy hour

If local regulations allow you to sell alcohol online, jump on the bandwagon, and launch a delivery-only happy hour promotion. Monday through Friday, from 5 to 7 PM, offer discounts or combos for people who order alcoholic beverages from you online. Suggest a Zoom call with friends to recreate the after-work drinks feeling.

7. Healthy kids meals

Overworked parents deserve the chance to give children healthy meal even if they don’t have time to prepare it. Do the work for them by coming up with a few healthy kids meal options such as avocado salmon salad, baked chicken and coleslaw, or veggie pasta. Offer a 10% discount on them every Monday to start the week off just right.

8. New menu item discount vouchers

Have you introduced a new menu item? What better way to let people know than by offering a discount voucher to try it out? The voucher can contain a code that they add at checkout to apply the discount. Remember that new menu item teasers should always contain a mouth-watering image of the dish so people will want to order it.

9. 30 for 30 end of the month promos

Another type of promotion that is popular among restaurants is the discount on cart/freebie when exceeding a certain order value. You can put your own unique spin on that and come up with innovative food delivery promotion ideas.

For example, now when people are counting the days until we go back to normal, celebrate the end of each month with a promo on the 30th. Offer a free dessert or a 15% discount to people who order over $30 on the 30th of every month.

10. Discount on online payments

Do you offer online payments? One of the best restaurant promotions right now is rewarding customers who choose to pay online. How about encouraging people to stop exchanging paper money and start paying online by offering a 10% discount on every order where they select online payment? That way, you keep both your customers and delivery staff safe.

Make Deliveries Extra Safe for You and Your Customers

Speaking of safety, there are a few measures you can take as a restaurant owner/manager to ensure the safety of all employees and customers during delivery, and to put everyone’s minds at ease.

Even though the World Health Organization has lifted the state of emergency regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, some people may still have concerns and want to have a safe food delivery experience. Therefore, consider implementing these measures:

  • Offering no-contact delivery
  • Adding some minimum exposure pickup options
  • Accepting online payments
  • Displaying all safety practices on your website for everyone to see
  • Emailing your customers with your safety measures

Don’t Have a Website to Post All These Promotions on?

We’ve got you covered. Our restaurant website builder will generate an SEO and sales optimized website for you in just a few minutes. And the best part is it comes with anonline ordering system already built-in. All you have to do is add your menu and people can start ordering from you online.

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Then, because your online food marketing strategy shouldn’t lack promos, use our promotions engine to add an attractive and easy to customize restaurant website promotion to your online menu. It’s like child’s play.

The attractive promos will be displayed at the top of your menu (easily accessible by just clicking on the “See Menu & Order” button) so they are the first thing a client sees. Surely, they won’t be able to resist such great deals.

restaurant website promotion ideas

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Final Words

Using restaurant website promotions can have countless benefits for your business, from attracting new customers to convincing clients to return and increasing your order value. Try all the amazing ideas we suggested and enjoy the results!

Do you have any other tips on how to improve a food delivery service that have worked for you? I’d love to hear about them!

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