Restaurant App Statistics: How to Use a Mobile App to Sell More [Infographic]

Restaurant App Statistics: Why Your Restaurant Needs an App

Restaurant app statistics from the last few years show that consumers have a growing interest in using apps to do everything from ordering food to placing reservations. For example, 40% of clients prefer to order through the restaurant’s app or website.

Restaurants that ignore this trend put themselves at a disadvantage while giving their competitors more chances to attract new customers.

Adopting mobile apps also helps restaurants save time and money.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the following statistics to learn more about the benefits of mobile apps for restaurants.

Restaurant app statistics

restaurant mobile app features

Mobile ordering statistics

You may think that you don’t need a mobile food ordering app because consumers already have access to so many third-party applications.

Restaurant apps like GrubHub, UberEats, and DoorDash indeed do a lot of business. When you take a closer look at consumer behaviors and preferences, though, you see why restaurants need mobile apps

Nearly all Americans own smartphones

According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans own at least one smartphone. That’s a huge jump from 2012, when only 35% of Americans owned internet-ready mobile devices.

Now that nearly all Americans own smartphones, you can use mobile apps for restaurants to get their business.

Consumers prefer ordering directly from restaurants

A restaurant delivery survey shows that most people use restaurant apps or websites to order food. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Restaurant app or website – 52%
  • GrubHub – 34%
  • UberEats – 20%
  • Eat24 – 17%
  • – 16%
  • Amazon Restaurants – 11%
  • DoorDash – 11%

If that doesn’t convince you, consider this U.K. study that shows 70% of consumers prefer restaurant white label mobile apps over third-party apps. Most of the people surveyed say that they want more money to go to restaurants. Only 15% of people said that they didn’t care how much money restaurants got from digital ordering in restaurants.

Mobile food ordering is a growing trend

One of the most encouraging mobile app restaurant ordering statistics shows that 63% of consumers find delivery more convenient than dining out. Additionally, 34% believe that delivery takes less time than picking up food on their own.

When you compare online ordering statistics to restaurant app statistics, you see why restaurants and mobile apps need each other.

Even when your website has a responsive design, some people will find it hard to use with a mobile device. A restaurant app for Android or iOS, however, automatically takes advantage of the mobile device's best features.

When it comes to ease of use, a mobile app for restaurant ordering will beat online ordering nearly every single time.

mobile app for restaurant ordering

Not as many restaurants have apps as you might think. Many of them still rely on third-party apps even though those applications tend to charge hefty fees. When it comes to small restaurants, you almost always see them using third-party apps that cut into their bottom line.

It’s too bad that so many restaurants follow this trend. Consumers don’t want to pay another company for the food and services they get from restaurants.

Also, it doesn’t cost that much to create a unique app for your restaurant.

People want convenient ways to order food

As tech-savvy Millennials start having kids, they don’t have as much time to eat in restaurants. That’s one reason that food delivery is expected to grow 12% per year over the next 5 years. Even without kids, 57% of Millennials say that they prefer food delivery so they can watch TV at home without getting interrupted.

Simply having apps for small restaurants and chains, however, won’t guarantee that more people choose your business. Restaurant mobile app features need to make ordering as easy as possible.

Your customers will want to see options like:

  • A mobile-ready menu that helps them browse and choose foods.
  • Quick checkout that lets them choose between cash, credit card, and other payment options.
  • A delivery time estimate that helps them prepare for the food’s arrival.
  • A customer reward program that tracks their purchases and automatically offers rewards.

You can get started by using the GloriaFood branded app. This white label restaurant ordering app lets you upload pictures, menus, and logos so you can better brand your business to customers.

White-label, branded restaurant ordering app Personalize your own mobile app to strengthen your restaurant brand Get a branded app

How much does a restaurant ordering app cost?

To have your own restaurant ordering app costs less than the price of a dinner for two and it comes with plenty of really useful benefits since it is branded with your restaurant name & logo and it enables your clients to send you unlimited orders.

With a white-label app, your customers can easily open their phones, tap on your branded restaurant app and simply place an order. It's also much more convenient for them since it's time-consuming and highly effective.

If you have an app developer build your app, though, you can expect to spend thousands of dollars. It all depends on the features you want and how much the person chooses to charge.

How do I create a restaurant app?

If you want to keep up with the winning restaurant trends, then you need to get and use an app made specifically for your business.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money creating features that your customers will find convenient. Besides, your increased sales will make up for your investment in mobile app technology that helps people place orders for delivery and carryout.

Before you pay anyone for a restaurant ordering app, try the white-label restaurant app made by GloriaFood. We’re convinced that the increased business will show you how important it is to keep up with technological trends

restaurant app statistics

Get started today by visiting GloriaFood’s website and requesting more information about our branded restaurant apps. There’s no risk, so you don’t have anything to lose.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your restaurant can thrive without help from the latest technology. As more people become used to ordering food online via their mobiles, it will become their go-to option. And this restaurant app statistics article is the living proof of that.

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Final Words

The restaurant app statistics have spoken. Customers prefer ordering directly from the restaurant, in the most convenient way possible, directly from an app.

If you want to get more clients and increase your sales, give clients what they want: a branded mobile app, that works smoothly on every smartphone and makes the online ordering process a piece of cake.

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