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While the main purpose of Instagram is entertainment, it also helps users discover interesting new businesses, including restaurants. If your posts are engaging and your captions persuasive, you will surely convince users to become clients.

Maintaining an active presence on Instagram can be a lot of work. On top of constantly interacting with your followers, you also have to come up with posts that will convince people to order.

We’re here to help with a variety of restaurant captions for Instagram that are so tempting, people won’t be able to resist them:

5 Tips to write persuasive restaurant captions for Instagram

Examples are great because you can use them as inspiration. But you should also know the main rules of writing convincing restaurant captions for Instagram, so you can come up with new ones that best fit your business.

1. Keep it short

People's attention span keeps decreasing over the years. We tend to prefer our entertainment as short videos or stories that can be consumed in seconds. Therefore, don't write entire paragraphs in the caption, limit yourself to a short sentence.

What's more, if you want to make your work easier, consider creating a restaurant social media content calendar. This way, you create all the posts and captions in one day for the next two weeks.

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2. Stick to your restaurant’s branding

Branding your restaurant is a must because it helps create a unitary image for your business that clients will easily recognize. On top of a logo and a Unique Selling Proposition, you will have to settle on a tone of voice that will best represent your business.

That tone of voice must be obvious when you create restaurant captions for Instagram. For example, if you chose a fun, bubbly, persona for your place, your post descriptions should be full of humor and encourage clients to interact.

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3. Use powerful calls to actions

Each and every restaurant caption for Instagram has a purpose. For example:

  • To encourage people to make a table reservation
  • To persuade people to order online
  • To get people to take advantage of an online promotion

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If you want the post to reach its utmost potential, you need to include a powerful call to action. You must tell people exactly what actions you want them to take and what their benefit will be. For example: "Order now to enjoy free delivery!" or "Book a table now to discover our new spring menu!"

Don’t forget to also include a link in your bio to your website or directly to your restaurant’s menu so you can increase conversion. You can do so easily with the online ordering system from GloriaFood. Just add the smart link in your bio to allow clients to order directly from social media.

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4. Encourage people to interact with your posts

Restaurant captions for Instagram aren't used just for converting followers to clients, but also to increase engagement for a page. The more likes, shares, and comments you have, the more visibility you gain for your profile and the more people you reach.

Therefore, try to end your post descriptions with questions that people will want to answer, such as:

  • What is your favorite item on our menu?
  • What dishes would you like to see added to our menu?
  • Let’s play a game! What ingredients were used to prepare this delicious dish? Let us know in the comments!

5. Add hashtags

Hashtags are used to better describe what a photo is about. People will sometimes search for a certain hashtag that they are interested in, such as “#pizzainCambridge” to see what options Instagram can offer them.

When you create your content plan, do a quick Google search to look for hashtags that are relevant to your type of cuisine. Keep an eye on hashtags that contain your location, because they are more likely to attract customers.

Food menu captions for Instagram

Most of your posts will be about your food. It can be hard to constantly come up with restaurant captions for Instagram to accompany menu photos, so use this list as inspiration:

  • In the summer mood? Discover our newest refreshing dishes!
  • Check out our new pasta Primavera, just in time for a spring delight!
  • Treat yourself! Check out our decadent dessert at the link in the bio!
  • Craving a savory pie? Book a table to satisfy your taste buds!
  • The only secret ingredients on our menu are labor and care for detail. Give us a try!

Short food captions for Instagram

You already know that your restaurant captions for Instagram must be short, but they can also be purposeful. With the right wording, they can pack a punch. Check out this list full of examples:

  • Have you made plans for the weekend? Don’t miss our delicious roast, book a table now!
  • Feeling hungry? Order now and you could be enjoying our delicious food in less than half an hour!
  • Food is our love language, and we like to spread the love!
  • Place an order now to enjoy free delivery! Limited offer today!
  • Deal alert: 10% off all online orders starting now!
  • Limited time offer: 2+1 on all pizzas until the end of the day!

Restaurant ambience captions for Instagram

If you want to attract people to dine at your restaurant, you must show them what they are missing by not making a reservation. Accompany pictures of your restaurant’s interior and atmosphere with captions such as:

  • An outstanding culinary experience is awaiting you! Book a table now!
  • Book yourself a vacation for a couple of hours! We still have open tables for the weekend.
  • Create memorable moments with your loved ones, one meal at a time.
  • Everyone is welcome here, book your table now!
  • This seat has your name on it, don’t leave it waiting.

Instagram restaurant captions for team posts

You need to build trust with your followers to convince them to become regular customers. You can do so by presenting your team on social media. There are a few options for how you integrate your employees into your Instagram content calendar:

  • Highlight their role at the restaurant: “This is Marcela, our passionate bartender who is always up for a bit of experimentation to create the drink of your dreams.”
  • Have them present their favorite dish: “Have you ever been on a summer vacation on the coast of Italy? This dish automatically transports you there. – Chef Oliver”
  • Allow them to talk about their passions: "Martin is our talented sous chef who makes sure each dish comes out perfect. In his spare time, he likes to ride his motorcycle and discover new nature spots."
  • Have them describe why they enjoy working at the restaurant: “I enjoy getting better every day while having the opportunity to prepare outstanding dishes – Elena, line chef”

Restaurant Instagram captions for contests

Contests are a great and fast way to attract attention to your restaurant and increase engagement. But the restaurant captions for Instagram that you use for these types of posts must be both clear and inviting. Check out these examples:

  • Like this post and share it in your stories for a chance to win an all-expenses paid meal for two! We will randomly select the winner on May 15th!
  • Do you want to win an all-expenses paid meal for two? Leave a comment bellow with your favorite item from our menu! Only one entry per person! We will select a random winner on May 15th!
  • Do you want to win an invite to our tasting menu event? Tell us in the comments what your first experience with Italian food was! We will select 15 winners randomly on May 15th!
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Final Words

Use the tips and examples provided above to write the best restaurant captions for Instagram that will help you achieve your restaurant's goal. Don't be afraid to experiment and notice what type of post descriptions work best for your audience.

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