How to Set up Contactless Ordering at Your Restaurant via QR Code

contactless ordering for restaurants

Contactless ordering is becoming increasingly popular in the restaurant industry. Not only because it’s safer in the light of the COVID19 pandemic, but because it’s also more convenient for both customers and staff. QR codes are the most popular form of contactless dining around. Below, I’ll teach you how to create a QR code restaurant menu for free.

The Benefits of Contactless Ordering for Restaurants

So, why would you want a contactless menu for your restaurant? What do you stand to gain? Well, everything!

A no-touch menu is a no-brainer nowadays. It simplifies the ordering process and gives your staff a break while keeping customers satisfied. But if you don’t believe me, let’s take a look at some of its benefits.

1. You can serve more customers

One of the main advantages of a contactless menu vs. a traditional menu is that it speeds up the ordering process, which allows you to take more orders, faster.

Servers won’t have to run around bringing menus and taking orders from everybody. They’ll just focus on delivering the orders once they’re done, which will lead to faster table turnover.

In a recent study conducted by Oracle, it was found that 33% of customers said that waiting 5 minutes for a server to take their order was too long.

2. It will keep customers and staff safe

In these trying times, you should put your customers’ and staff’s safety first. A QR code menu is perfect for that because it reduces person-to-person interaction.

Although this technology has become popularized during the pandemic, it’s clear that at this point, QR code restaurant ordering will remain a staple of the restaurant industry even after the threat is gone.

3. Better customer service

Without the weight of taking orders on their shoulders, your team of waiters can focus on what they do best: provide excellent customer service. They will be able to clean tables faster, getting them ready for the next customers, and address any issues customers might have.

How to Create a QR Code Menu for Restaurants: Video Tutorial

How to Set up Contactless Ordering Step-by-step

1. Create a free GloriaFood account

In order to take advantage of our free QR code restaurant ordering feature, you have to create and set up your GloriaFood account. You can sign up here.

After you’ve filled in all the requested information and downloaded the order-taking app, you are ready to accept online orders.

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2. Enable dine-in

To enable the dine-in feature, navigate to "Services & opening hours" in your restaurant dashboard and enable “Dine-in.”

enable dine in contactless ordering

Check dine-in hours

The next step involves you making sure to check the "Opening hours" section in your restaurant dashboard. The time you’ve set there is also the time available for the dine-in service.

set dine in hours

4. Choose payment methods

In order to choose the type of payment you’d like to apply to your dine-in ordering service, go to the "Payments, taxes & legal" section. There, you can enable or disable the payment methods available.

choose dine in payment methods

5. Generate your QR code flyer

Now, it’s time to actually create your restaurant QR code. To accomplish that, go to “Publishing” and select "Dine-in QR Code flyer." Don’t worry; you won’t have to make it yourself.

generate qr code restaurant menu for contactless ordering

We will guide you through the entire process of creating the flyer and generate a unique QR code specific to your restaurant.

6. Print and display the flyer in your restaurant

The final step of setting up contactless ordering at your restaurant is to print the flyer we’ve helped you generate. Then, display it on every table for customers to see they can also place their order contactless.

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How Can Customers Access & Use Your Contactless Menu?

1. Scan the QR code

As soon as customers get seated at the table, they can pull up their smartphones and scan the QR code on your dine-in ordering flyer to browse the menu.

To scan the QR code, they can use their default camera app or a dedicated QR scanning app which they can easily download from the App Store or Play Store.

2. Fill in the requested information & place the order

Scanning the QR code will redirect customers to your restaurant’s online menu for contactless dine-in ordering.

After browsing their options, they can add the desired items to the cart. They will then be taken to the checkout page. The best part is that the “Dine-in ordering” service will already be preselected for them, so they don’t have to do anything else.

At this time, they will be asked to provide some information like their table number, so you know where to bring the order when it’s ready. It’s that easy!

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Key Takeaways

Having a QR code menu replace your traditional printed menu is a change you should consider for multiple reasons. It will make it easy for customers to order the moment they sit at the table and decrease your staff’s workload.

Ultimately, it will help you boost sales by streamlining the ordering process and allowing you to serve more customers with less hassle.

If you always wanted to try contactless ordering but you were scared of the technical and financial implications, you’re in luck. Try our free solution and you’ll be able to take online orders for dine-in within hours.

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