Why you need to have a restaurant with online ordering [Plus a HOW-TO blueprint]

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Online ordering for restaurants is becoming a prevalent social practice. People have less and less time and they prefer to use it for the things they like and need instead of cooking food. Although going out to a restaurant can be a great experience, sometimes, the comfort of their home or office is more welcoming, and they prefer to google for restaurants that deliver. That’s where you come in: a restaurant with online ordering at their service.

Why You Need a Restaurant with Online Ordering and How to Get One

Why You Need a Restaurant with Online Ordering and How to Get One

Statistics show that in the US, more than half of the consumers order takeaway at least once a week, while 34% of them spend at least $50 for a meal. People order from restaurants because they feel this makes their lives easier, it is more convenient than going out, and sometimes, they are just lazy.

It is estimated that orders placed via smartphones will become a $38 billion industry this year, and your restaurant should be a part of that. Here are the main reasons why you need online ordering and how to do it.

a blueprint for online food ordering websites

1. Get an up-to-date website

To get online orders, restaurateurs use either an up-to-date website with an attached ordering system, a dedicated food-ordering app, or a subscription to third-party online food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Caviar or GrubHub.

We suggest creating, optimizing, and continuously upgrading your website. Use it as a hub to take orders and online restaurant bookings. You don’t need more than one page; people are not there to read novels, they want good food, fast.

A website that serves you well should appear on the first page of Google for your neighborhood for a search like “restaurant with online ordering near me”. When users search for keywords, namely the type of food you are serving or specific dishes, your restaurant should be amongst the first 3-5 options. This means excellent SEO (search engine optimization). If you already have a website, you could ask a company or a freelancer to help you make the most of it. Make sure it follows SEO rules and get good backlinks from other relevant sites like newspapers or blogs.

If you only have a Facebook page for your business, you are in a vulnerable position. You might be tempted to outsource the ordering and delivery system. Stop worrying and invest in your web presence as well as a reliable delivery system.

The Gloria Food Restaurant website builder helps you get online and have an SEO optimized site in a few minutes. It is already created to rank high in Google and it follows all the latest trends to give your users a pleasant and straightforward experience. It’s like having a restaurant ordering app for free.

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2. Own your restaurant’s online ordering system

As a restaurant owner, you need to know there are several ways you can upgrade your restaurant with an online ordering system. Only one of these can offer you all the advantages, with no drawbacks. As you can probably guess, it involves a bit of work in the beginning but brings real growth and prosperity in the long run.

You might be tempted to outsource this step and use a popular online food ordering website as Glovo or Uber Eats. This just makes them richer while you work hard and accumulate negative reviews that have nothing to do with food.

The primary fear here is that you won’t be able to configure software because you know more about food than you do about computers, and a developer is expensive. You are not the first restaurant owner to have these problems and we’ve already solved them for you.

The solution we suggest is adding a restaurant ordering system software to your current website or creating a brand-new page with an integrated ordering software for your restaurant. You can do this with the GloriaFood system, which turns your smartphone into a restaurant ordering app for free.

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3. Learn from data

Having excellent chefs and creating top-quality food is just a part of the success story for a restaurant. To be ahead of your competitors, you need to look at the data and come up with the right propositions.

Do you know what the most ordered item from your menu is? Which dish makes you the most profit? How many portions of each item do you sell every week so that you can negotiate with your suppliers? What is the average value of an order? All these are essential business questions that can make a difference for your revenue.

A personal ordering system should come with an integrated dashboard that can give you answers to the previously mentioned questions and many more.

Analytics also show you other related data such as the busiest days or rush hours, which can help you manage your staff better.

If you are using a third-party app, all this data is in their possession and you are just working to fulfill their orders, with no real insights. Not having access to data or not caring about it means that you have no idea how you can grow your business. You will be doing the same thing over and over until a cheaper competitor comes to the market and replaces you.

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Benefits of Online Ordering for a Restaurant

Get to know your clients better

Being in control of the online ordering system for your restaurant means that you have the list with what they order and how frequently, so you can create dedicated business strategies to grow your restaurant.

Third-party providers hide the client’s contact information. Therefore, you can never know who is ordering what. By managing this system yourself, you might notice that the same people place orders consistently and decide to create dedicated packages for them, like office lunches or discounts.

Having all your clients’ data in your possession allows you to be a little more personal, like offering them complementary items they love. Imagine dropping their favorite pizza sauce on the house on their third order, or saying “Happy Birthday!” with their favorite dessert.

Cut out the middleman, improve reviews

Even if clients know that you are not responsible for fulfilling the order if they use a third-party app like GrubHub or Doordash, they will still leave a negative review on your restaurant’s social media if their burgers arrive already cold.

Using a restaurant ordering system software on your website, you will have to make the deliveries with members of your staff or hire a delivery service. However, you will at least have full control over this aspect.

If the food arrives too late, people no longer evaluate the quality of the cooking, but the bad experience they had. Improve your online restaurant reviews by taking ownership of each order. If you have a couple of bad reviews due to delivery time or conditions, potential clients will not be as eager to try your dishes.

Stop paying commissions

If you still think that working with a third-party food company is a good deal, just take a look at the numbers. After you understand that as soon as you sign up for these systems, you are working more, making your clients pay more, but making less money, you will be hunting for an online ordering system for your restaurant in no-time.

If you want to avoid these problems altogether, keep in mind that all third-party online apps like Uber Eats, take between 30-50% commission for each order as the middle man. Some of these services also keep the tip, if any. When you do the math, all that money could quickly pay for the delivery personnel’s salaries and still make you some profit.

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Give it a try

Remember that your online ordering system is your primary or secondary source of business. Therefore, it holds a strategic position in your overall plan. Outsourcing this would be as foolish as outsourcing the preparation of your food to a third-party chef and hoping for the best. The lesson you need to remember here is to be in control of your online orders, have a coherent and easy to use web site, and keep an eye on your data to find ways to grow your business.

You can do all these and much more, like take online restaurant reservations, just by having a restaurant with online ordering functionality such as the free system from GloriaFood.

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