Why Buy an SSL Certificate for Your Restaurant’s Website and How

Secure Your Restaurant Website with SSL

Have you ever asked yourself the following question: “Do I need an SSL certificate for my website?” As a restaurant owner, SSL integration is something that you should strongly consider because you stand to gain more than you think. In this article, we’ll explain how SSL works, what are the benefits of https, and why buy an SSL certificate for your restaurant website. You’ll quickly discover that it makes sense to secure your restaurant website with SSL.

SSL Certificates Explained: What Is SSL for a Website?

Let’s start with the basics, an SSL definition. First of all, you may be wondering, “What does SSL stand for?” SSL means “secure sockets layer.” When you get an SSL certificate, your website encrypts data that travels from your site to users. By encrypting data, you make it considerably more difficult for hackers to steal information from your business and your customers.

Checking whether websites have an SSL certificate is extremely easy. The certificate is noticeable by the “s” in “https” that precedes your website address. So, if a URL starts with “https://”, their website security is on point, and they have an SSL certificate. If the URL just says “http://” that is not a secure website.

Once you have an SSL certificate, your customers can pay for food online with their credit cards. They feel safe paying online because they know that criminals can’t intercept the data. In return, you give your customers more options for ordering and paying for food.

Websites without SSL put their customers at risk. Eventually, a hacker will notice that you have an unsecured website. At that point, they just have to wait for someone to place an online order. That’s all it takes for the hacker to steal your customer’s information, commit identity theft, and tarnish your business’s reputation.

How Https Works Step by Step

The connection established between a browser and the website server is also called “The Handshake.” Here’s how SSL works between client and server in 5 simple steps:

  • Step 1 - Client Hello: The browser (the client) sends a signal to the server.
  • Step 2 - Server Hello: The server replies with its certificate, which helps the browser verify its identity using its public key.
  • Step 3 - Client Key Exchange: The browser checks the computer’s certificate and generates a “pre-master key.” They encrypt it and send it to the server.
  • Step 4 - Change Cypher Spec: The server decrypts the pre-master key. Then, both the browser and the server use asymmetric keys to encrypt that pre-master key. Now, no one can spy on their conversations.
  • Step 5 - Enjoy Complete Security: To check the connection is secure, the browser sends a test, and the computer responds. Then, they go on to have a protected conversation.

The website howhttps.works has designed a charming animation that explains “The Handshake” naturally and enjoyably. Check it out if you’re still wondering, “How does SSL work?”

Secure Your Restaurant Website with SSL

Why Buy SSL Certificate: Benefits of SSL Certificate for Website

Now that you know the purpose of an SSL certificate is to keep both you and your customers safe let’s look at the main benefits of having an SSL https website.

1. SSL Security Will Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

In 2017, Google started flagging sites that didn’t have SSL certificates. Google takes internet security seriously, so it wants to protect its users from dangerous sites. If you don’t have an SSL certificate, then Google considers your site unsafe.

Even if you’re not particularly concerned about online security, you should worry about Google ranking SSL websites higher than http ones. Most people never scroll beyond the top search results in Google. Very few look at the second page of results. Without an SSL certificate, your site probably won’t show up on the first page. For many consumers, that means your restaurant doesn’t even exist.

Google also warns users about using sites that don’t have SSL certificates. When someone visits your site, Google will show them a warning in red that reads "Not Secure." An explanation tells users that your website doesn’t have a secure connection, which could lead to stolen passwords and credit card numbers.

Smart customers will navigate away from your site when they see these warnings. Why would they take a chance when so many other websites comply with Google’s security standards.

2. An Https Website Will Protect Your and the Customer’s Data

As we’ve already mentioned, the main answer to the question “What does an SSL certificate do?” is data protection. With all the information encrypted, no one can get access to it. The SSL certificate makes the data undecipherable.

3. A Secure Website Will Give Your Customers Peace of Mind

Even if your website doesn’t process online payments, you still need security that gives your customers peace of mind. When you get an SSL certificate, your website will change from http:// to https://.

When people see the “S,” they’ll know that they can use your site without concern. However, if they don’t see evidence of security, many of them will feel uncomfortable visiting your website.

After all, your customers don’t know anything about your website. Perhaps someone has created a fake site to trick them. Stranger things happen online.

Just give them the peace of mind they need so they will feel comfortable browsing your site. It will make people more likely to choose your restaurant over others, especially when they want to pay for their orders online.

4. An SSL Certificate Will Affirm Your Identity

You need your identity verified to be trustworthy to your customers online. No one can get an SSL certificate without undergoing the process of validation by the Certificate Authority (CA). They verify you, and if you pass, the “s” you get vouches for your trustworthiness. Think of this as an Instagram verified account.

5. SSL Helps Your Website Become PCI Compliant

Any website that handles online payments has to be PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. To do that, you need to meet some requirements. As expected, having an https website is one of the 12 main ones.

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How to Install SSL Certificate on Your Restaurant Website

SSL Certificate Types

Before deciding on the best SSL certificate for your website, you need to have all the information. There are three types of SSL certificates:

  • Domain Validated (DV) - you only need to verify that you own and administer your domain.
  • Organization Validated (OV) - you need to confirm that your business is registered and legitimate.
  • Extended Validation (EV) - requires even more documentation for your organization to be validated.

There’s also a fourth option called self-signed SSL certificate. This type of personal SSL certificate is one validated by you as the website owner rather than by the Certificate Authority. However, this is not a recommended option because everyone can do it. That doesn’t give your customers that third-party verification that makes them trust you.

How Much Is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are typically inexpensive and easy to get, but their cost depends on the provider. Many companies offer SSL certificates that prove your website meets strong security standards. Here are the best SSL certificates you can get and how much they cost:

*The prices above are for the most basic SSL certificate you can get from each of the providers.

Any of these companies can give you the technology that you need to improve your site’s security. As you can see, prices vary considerably from company to company.

Few certificate providers charge less than $50 per year. At $50, your https site only needs to attract a few additional customers per year to cover the cost of an SSL certificate. At $100 and more, the number must increase.

Can You Get a Free SSL Certificate?

If you can’t find a cheap SSL certificate, we have good news. There are a couple of providers that offer this type of certification for free. For instance, Let’s Encrypt is generally viewed as the best free SSL certificate. Why? Because they are a non-profit authority that aims to encrypt all websites on the internet. All sites that offer free SSL are non-profit organizations. But what’s the catch then?

There are plenty:

  • You have to renew it every 90 days.
  • No technical support in case something goes wrong.
  • No warranty.
  • Only Domain Validation (DV) options available.
  • No green bar option.

So, before you start googling “how to get SSL certificate free,” decide whether the downsides above are worth the effort. We think they’re not. In this case, the best option you have is to find a reasonable SSL certificate price.

However, remember you can’t get one for life. There is no 3-year, 5-year, or 10-year SSL certificate. You will have to renew it yearly or every two years, but it will help you sleep better.

Generate SSL Certificate for Free by Using Our Restaurant Website Builder

Instead of struggling to buy an SSL certificate cheap, why not let us generate your restaurant website with SSL certificate INCLUDED?

The website comes with online ordering, a table reservation widget, an SSL certificate, and many more, all for $9/month. Why pay triple or more just for the SSL certificate when you can have it for free as a bonus?

Learn more: How to Make a Food Ordering Website with GloriaFood in Different Website Builders

Step-by-step instructions on how to use our restaurant website builder can be found in this video tutorial. The SSL certificate will be installed automatically once the website is generated.

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How do you make your website secure in 2020? By getting an SSL certificate. We’ve explained how SSL works in detail and why buy an SSL certificate for your restaurant website. SSL certificates have practically become mandatory for all business websites.

Without one, you’ll lose customers, hurt your Google ranking, and put your business at risk. It just makes sense for you to get an SSL certificate ASAP in 2020. When you secure your restaurant website with SSL, you avoid those problems so you can grow your restaurant.

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