Benefits of Using One Page Restaurant Websites

advantages of one page restaurant websites

One of the most successful ways to inform your customers about your business, strengthen your brand & create brand visibility is through your restaurant website. A Constant Contact/Single Platform survey reveals that 75% of surveyed consumers usually opted for a restaurant to dine in, based on what they found on their search results page. That means that if your customers stumble upon your website and you create a great first impression on your potential customers, more than 75% of them will order from you. So how can you persuade your potential customers to order from you? Well, one way would be to use one-page restaurant websites.

Customers can get a good idea of what kind of restaurant you have, the food you offer, as well as the overall ambiance and experience. If you can demonstrate all that on your website, your potential customers can gain a better idea of what to expect when visiting your restaurant.

Now, it’s important to remember that GenXers (people born between 1961 and 1981 - who account for more than 84 million people living in the US) have a shorter attention span.

If your website does not load within 3-5 seconds, the visitor would not continue to wait any more. Apart from that, nobody has time to wade through tons of pages to find what they need, especially when they’re hungry, and all they want is to find a restaurant with a quick online ordering process and quick delivery. That’s why a single restaurant website can prove useful.

Core Benefits of One Page Restaurant Websites

Usually, the average user barely spends 15 seconds on a webpage. So, you should make the most of one page restaurant websites, which is the hottest trend right now - because they show your customers everything they need to know, at a glance.

There are basically five essential features to any successful restaurant website. Here are the restaurant website must haves:

  • the About Us section (description about restaurant)
  • a responsive restaurant menu with mouth-watering food images
  • a Special Offers section
  • a Contact Information section
  • Opening Hours & Address

Among the advantages of the one page website is that it allows you to summarize all of this information on a single page, which makes managing this type of website all the more easier.

Let’s take a look at the other benefits of using such a website for your restaurant business:

1. Tell your story to create a connection with your target audience

One page restaurant websites allow simple storytelling of the brand, while allowing for easy navigation. The more pages a website has, the complicated it becomes to navigate through it.

Whereas, with one page restaurant websites, one can scroll through and get all the information they need, including menu options, special hours & timings at a glance.

2. Enable your customers to enjoy an intuitive web design

Now, there is no doubt that cramming too much information on one page might mess up the design of your website. It could impact user engagement, too, if the design is not thought through.

However, if you structure your one page web design efficiently, you get to control the way your visitors would normally get the information from a multi-page website.

Visitors tend to jump from one page to another and as a result, they tend to miss out on important information. By placing the relevant information on a single page, you can direct the website visitors towards your call to action buttons: your order buttons.

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3. Sell more food

Compared to multi-page restaurant websites, the design & the development of a single page restaurant website are faster & cheaper, too. Plus, managing a one page website requires less time and effort from your part.

Also, there is no need for complex maintenance. You will not need additional expert IT support, either. By using the GloriaFood restaurant website generator, you will be able to do this yourself, without the need to write a single string of code.

In addition, our web design is concentrated on providing the visitors with an immersive and consistent user experience that boosts conversion rates and engagement.

Due to this enhanced restaurant website UX (user experience), your customers will enjoy the oversimplified online ordering process and you get to receive more online orders.

Are you a visual learner? Use this video tutorial to generate a stunning one-page restaurant website in mere minutes.

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4. Speed up your website loading

One page restaurant websites load much faster than the usual restaurant websites, so this improves the website experience of your customers. The ideal loading time of a restaurant website tends to be 0.4 seconds. Normally, a customer accepts a loading time of up to 2 seconds. If it takes longer, the customer would leave the page.

And here’s another important piece of information: according to Google, more than half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. So, your website also needs to be mobile responsive, and that is easier to be done with a one-page restaurant website.

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5. Stand out from the competition

Single restaurant websites are relatively new & would make your website stand out among the rest. Present your menu and food in an appealing way and this can help you increase your profit.

6. Get more conversions & less traffic loss

The simple design of the restaurant website makes the conversion of orders much faster and easier. Furthermore, the increased conversion rate is also impacted by the loading time of the site. And as stated earlier, the simpler the design, the shorter the loading time. Win-win.

7. Benefit from an easier website analysis

One page restaurant websites feature a simpler design which is far more manageable and easy to analyze. You could track website results with tools such as Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. Or you could use the free GloriaFood online ordering system that also provides you with highly useful analytics and recommendations.

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online ordering system with analytics

One page restaurant websites contain call to action buttons, like Order online, so that the visitor could do what he came on the site for without wasting time.

restaurant website examples - Restaurant Pronto

This allows you to better monitor the website results, the conversions of the online food ordering system, as well as inform you of any changes that you might need to do.

The GloriaFood online ordering system gives you the chance to increase your business and get more online orders

8. Compatibility with Mobile Phones

If your websites have too many sections, it might not be ideal for mobile use. One page restaurant websites remove this problem allowing the customer to conveniently scroll down and access all the information at a glance.

One page restaurant websites are easier to optimize for mobile

One page restaurant websites are easier to optimize for mobile use and easier to navigate on mobile screens as well. Scrolling down to gain information is a habit both millennials and GenZers are quite accustomed to thanks to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you create your website with GloriaFood, they are bound to be 100% mobile responsive. So they look great on any mobile device.

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Final Thoughts

The trend for one page restaurant websites is fresh. When customers access a single page website, they might still be looking for a section that could assist them in placing an order. An ideal solution would be to place a sticky button on your single page restaurant website - so that your users can immediately spot it.

If you have a website for your restaurant already, try this format and you will see the difference. If not, there is no need to look at any other web design. Check out this restaurant website demo demo for yourself - that was created using the GloriaFood Restaurant template.

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The best restaurant website builder is the one that is intuitive and very easy to use, just like the one provided by GloriaFood. Designing successful restaurant websites can take a lot of time; however, using one that is already sales oriented is the best option for you and your business; it's like choosing the low hanging fruit - you get the most benefits with a minimum of effort.

Single page websites are easy to update, they provide your customers with complete information, are user-friendly, and easier to create as opposed to the regular restaurant websites. For more help on developing one page restaurant websites, get in touch with the GloriaFood team of Customer Happiness Specialists.

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