Detailed Guide for Writing the Best “About us” for a Restaurant Website

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Why you need to add a convincing “About us” page to your restaurant website

In a digital age, when everyone gets their information online, if you don’t have a restaurant website, you practically don’t exist. How can people find your business?

Sure, you may get some visits from people who happen to walk by your storefront, but you won’t get enough clients to make a steady profit. You need to create a digital presence, so people can find you when they search for keywords related to your business, such as “Chinese food near me” or “Italian food in Vancouver.”

Therefore, you should focus on getting an optimized website that will increase your online presence and attract more clients. No need to start learning coding, design, or copywriting. With GloriaFood, you can get a sales-optimized website in a matter of minutes.

After creating an account, filling in the relevant information, and adding an attractive menu, you can request a customized website with keyword-rich texts and mouth-watering images. What's more, the website is not only intuitive but already SEO-optimized.

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Now that you have the best website, it is time to concentrate on adding an “About us” section. This restaurant website builder gives you access to countless widgets you can add or move around. I would advise you not to skip the description widget, as it can have countless benefits for your business:

Help your SEO efforts

A restaurant website's end goal is to get you more clients. But, to do so, it must successfully pass the Google filter. Therefore, SEO should always be on your mind because, if done right, it will help you rank higher.

Adding an “About us” section gives you the opportunity to insert more keywords naturally. Here are the main ones you should place through your text:

  • Restaurant location
  • Restaurant cuisine
  • Popular types of foods you serve

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Reinforce your restaurant branding

Branding is the process of defining an identity for your restaurant that will help you maintain a unitary image on all channels. It will create an unforgettable image for your restaurant that clients will easily recognize if done right.

In the process of branding, you must attribute a persona to your business. This will help you create a tone of voice you will be using in every form of communication, including in your “About us” section.

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Attract more loyal customers

Let’s think about the customer journey on your website. For the purpose of this example, we will split your visitors into two types:

  • Type A: this is the undecided type of customer just searching to see their options. They reached your website by searching for your type of cuisine and are checking your menu, address, and delivery options. They usually never look at the "About us" part;
  • Type B: this type of customer either got a recommendation to go to your place, saw an ad, or has visited your business before. They want to know more about your restaurant, so they intentionally look for your “About us” section.

Therefore, writing an introduction for a restaurant website allows you to tell a story and create a connection with interested customers. If you manage to make the client empathize with you, you may have just gained a new regular.

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How to write an “About us” page for a restaurant

You don’t need to take a writing class; you are not writing a novel or poetry here. You just need a few pointers to help you get your message across in a convincing way.

Keep it short

The average human attention span has been decreasing over the last year, reaching a surprising 8 seconds. That’s why short TikTok videos are on trend, while long articles have very few readers.

For that reason, if you want people to actually read your restaurant website “About us,” you must keep it short. You can’t write an A4 page description, visitors will just skip it. Try to limit yourself to a maximum of three to four paragraphs, with no more than three rows per paragraph.

Include your Unique Selling Proposition

In a competitive field like the restaurant industry, you must focus on differentiating your business from the competitors. One way to do this is by branding your restaurant, where you also develop a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

A USP is a statement in which you highlight a feature or more of your restaurant to determine people to choose your business to the detriment of any other options. Here are some examples to help you create your own: Pizza Pascuale – family-owned, authentic Neapolitan style pizza; Vertisaero – farm-to-table, seasonal fresh dishes.

When writing the “About us” for the restaurant website, ensure you include the USP and some details supporting your statement.

Add relevant keywords

We have already established the importance of SEO for your restaurant website. SEO implies many on-page and off-page actions, including inserting keywords with a high number of searches in the content.

To help your website rank high, try inserting as many relevant keywords as possible in the description for the restaurant website. But, keep in mind, you write for people, not robots, so your text should be pleasant and easy to read.

For example, let’s say you have an Italian restaurant in Boston. A lousy description would be "Italian restaurant Boston, best pizza, best pasta, Italian mozzarella." A good one would be "Our chefs at Pizzaiolo work to give you the best Italian food in Boston every day. Have you tried our delicious sourdough pizza or pasta with fresh dough? Visit us, and you won't regret it."

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Focus on food

People visit your restaurant website for the same reason they come to your restaurant: the food. They want to know what dishes you serve and how and why you make them.

While you may include a short story about the restaurant’s origin, you should concentrate on hyping up your food. Talk about your star dishes – the best-selling ones and what makes them unique – be it special ingredients, mode of preparation, or chef expertise.

What to avoid when writing a description for a restaurant website

If you want to write an "About Us" for a restaurant website that turns visitors into loyal customers, there are certain things you should avoid doing:

  • Don’t talk about the competition: you may consider comparing your restaurant to the competitors to show how your business is better. But, this way, you actually help them by mentioning their names. Also, your value should be obvious in the food and restaurant experience. No need to bash others in the industry;
  • Forget about the past: maybe you have reopened the restaurant a few times or changed leadership or locations. No need to mention any of these, even if they were done for the better. Focus on the present and what you can offer the clients at this moment in time;
  • Keep the storytelling to a minimum: telling your restaurant's story can help you connect with the readers as long as it is contained in a few paragraphs. Therefore, keep the extended version detailing the idea, opening, hiring process, etc., for another occasion.

Restaurant “About us” template

The hardest step is often the first: putting pen to paper, or, in this case, finger to keyboard. That's why we are here to help you with a restaurant “About us” template. You don't want to have the same description as other restaurants, so we’ll only give you the structure you must customize to your business's specific needs.

First paragraph: Tell your restaurant's story in a few words, what makes your place special, and why people should choose your business. Include your Unique Selling Proposition, name, and location.

Second paragraph: Talk about your food. Mention your star dishes and add some interesting facts about how you prepare them or the ingredients.

Third paragraph: Describe to the clients the experience they will have at your restaurant. End with a Call to Action, such as “Visit us for the best food on the west coast!” or “Come have a relaxing dinner with delicious comfort food!”

Restaurant “About us” page examples

If you still feel like you need some help or inspiration to start writing, we have created three fictional restaurant “About us” sections you can copy and personalize to make them match your restaurant’s branding.


“Here, at Terramia, in the center of London, we don’t accept compromises. Not about our food. All our ingredients are sourced from local producers to ensure quality and freshness.

That's why our menu is seasonal. Today, we may serve you creamy mushroom soup, and tomorrow we may have a classic ratatouille on the menu. But the taste is always the same: finger-licking good!

Don't hesitate to pay us a visit if you share our passion for fresh dishes cooked with only the best ingredients. We promise an experience that will keep you coming back for more!”

Blanket Food

"At Blanket Food, we believe the best dishes are the ones that remind you of childhood. A portion of great food should make you feel like you are wrapped in a warm blanket.

At our location in Boston or online, you will find the best dishes you didn't know you craved: extra-creamy mac and cheese, hot chicken casserole, fried dumplings like your mama makes, and many more.

Forget about the daily stress and come relax with us. After tasting any of our menu items, you will never want to leave!"


"Here, at Deliciosa, we understand cravings. We know how important it is to get your food fast, and we have a 1-hour delivery guarantee, or you get your money back.

While we prepare our food fast, we develop the flavor slowly. Our dough rises over the night, and our meat is always marinated. That's why every chicken tender, every beef skewer, and every bun taste like heaven.

Don’t let hunger take control of you. Beat it with Deliciosa!"

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Writing an "About us" for a restaurant website will help you rank higher, create stronger branding, and attract more loyal customers. You don't have to be a gifted writer, all you have to do is follow the provided structure, keep it short and focus on the food.

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