How to Take Advantage of the Best Fast-Food Ordering System

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Being a fast-food restaurant owner is no easy feat. Not only do you make delicious food that people clamor for, but you also need to respect your promise of delivering your dishes in a timely manner. All of this while having to constantly find new ways to stand out from your competitors.

A good start is using an efficient online fast-food ordering system to expand your business by accepting online orders. But, for the best results, you don’t need an ordinary system, you need the best free online ordering system from GloriaFood.

In this article, you will find out what the benefits of an online fast-food ordering system are, how to get it, and what features you must use to boost your business.

Benefits of an online fast-food ordering system

The key to a fast-food restaurant’s success is offering an amazing restaurant customer experience that makes clients come back again and again. A great online ordering system can help you achieve that and much more.

Check out this big list of benefits that will convince you to install an online ordering system for your fast-food now:

  • Streamlined ordering process: in a fast-paced environment like the one at your fast-food restaurant, there is no room for slow order processing. People expect their food delivery to be fast, so you need a system that allows you to accept any new orders with just a tap on the screen;
  • Less room for errors: taking orders by phone not only takes up precious time but also opens up your business to countless human errors. Any error can mean a new bad review that deters people from ordering from your fast-food restaurant. With a fast-food online ordering system, you can guarantee order accuracy;
  • Easier for clients to order: with the fast-food online ordering system from GloriaFood, clients can order directly from your website, Facebook page, or using your branded fast-food ordering app. They browse the menu and, in a few clicks, they reach the check-out page; Happy clients lead to increased sales for your fast-food restaurant;
  • More new clients: this fast-food ordering system is equipped with countless marketing modules, such as Promotions and Kickstarter, that can be used to tempt more people into ordering from your business;
  • More repeat customers: there is only a limited number of new clients in your area, so if you want to be prosperous for years to come, you need to have loyal clients. The integrated Autopilot module will help you persuade former clients to come back to your fast-food restaurant;
  • Increased order value: by adding tempting offers to your already attractive menu, you can persuade clients to add more dishes to their order. Furthermore, adding customization options and toppings will help you increase your profit margin.

How to get a free fast-food restaurant ordering system

Now that you know having a fast-food ordering system is a must, let’s see how easy and fast it will be to install the best free one from GloriaFood. We broke it down for you in 4 easy-to-follow steps, so you can get started in no time.

Stand out from your competitors with the best free fast-food ordering system You can start accepting online orders in just 10 minutes Start now

Step 1: Sign up on GloriaFoodUsing the fast-food ordering system is free, all you

Using the fast-food ordering system is free, all you have to do is sign up and complete your restaurant's basic information, such as name, location, working hours, type of cuisine, and types of services available.

Check out this video for more in-depth instructions on how to set up a restaurant ordering system in just 10 minutes:

Step 2: Create the best fast-food menu

With this fast-food ordering system, you will create an intuitive and attractive restaurant menu clients won’t be able to say no to.

Start by creating categories and personalizing menu items with professional photos and enticing descriptions.

Don’t worry, you will be guided at every step by our wizard to make it as easy as possible. Watch this video to learn how to make an online menu for your fast-food restaurant:

To ensure you make a big profit selling your food, you can allow clients to customize their menu items with ingredients with a high-profit margin. For example, they can choose different sizes or types of crust for a pizza and a variety of toppings for a burger.

While clients get their perfect dish, you make more money. Win-win. Learn how to set up choices and add-ons from this descriptive video:

You can also go a step further and delve into the advanced settings of our menu builder. If you cater to any food allergies and food preferences, you can mark menu items as Hot, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Halal, Nut-free, Dairy-free, or Raw.

Furthermore, if you run out of a dish, you can mark it as Out of Stock, so clients are not disappointed when they order it, only to be informed it is no longer available.

More so, you can create a different menu for each day of the week if you like to experiment with your cooking and give your clients more variety.

Find out more information about the useful advanced setting of this restaurant menu creator:

Step 3: Publish the menu on your website

To allow people to order your delicious fast food online, you need to publish the menu on your website. If you already have one, you just copy the code we give you and ensure the menu button is in a visible place, so clients can find it easily.

If you don’t have one, you can generate a sales-optimized website with our fast-food ordering system. Just go to admin -> Setup -> Publishing -> Sales optimized website to create your online business card.

The fast-food restaurant website is completely SEO-optimized, so you can rank high in Google searches and increase your online visibility. You will receive a website personalized to your cuisine that is designed to convert visitors to clients.

Check out this video to learn how to create a restaurant website in under 10 minutes:

Step 4: Download our intuitive order-taking app

You can accept orders on any smart device with a simple tap on the screen. Just download the order-taking app on iOS or Android, and you will get a notification every time you receive an order. You will have sufficient time to confirm it and offer an estimated time of arrival or pickup.

Clients will be kept in the loop the whole time, so they can enjoy a great fast-food delivery experience they will recommend to their friends.

Must-use features incorporated in the GloriaFood fast-food ordering system

If you want to stand out from your competitors, you must use all the amazing features of this fast-food ordering system. With their help, you can market your business and persuade customers to choose your place over other restaurants in your area.

Promotions Module

Attract customers to order more by adding impossible-to-say-no-to promotions to your online menu. The offers will be visible at the very top so clients will be tempted to take advantage of them each time they browse your menu items.

Attract more big value orders by offering hard to say no to promotions Add any offer to your restaurant menu in seconds with this fast-food ordering system Start now

Free delivery for orders over $80? A meal bundle at a discounted price? A 5% discount for online payment? Go to admin -> Marketing -> Promotions -> Self-made promos to discover a variety of tried-and-tested promotion templates that you can personalize to your liking.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to set up a fast-food promotion:

Autopilot Module

Use the Autopilot module to up your SMS and email marketing game. You can set up a campaign once and sit back and enjoy the results because the campaign will be sent, as the name suggests, on autopilot.

This useful feature segments clients according to purchasing history to deliver relevant campaigns that will encourage them to become loyal customers. Learn more about the module from this video:

Kickstarter Module

The Kickstarter Module will give you access to easy-to-use restaurant strategies for attracting new customers. If you have a client database (from newsletter subscriptions, Wi-Fi access, etc.), you can input it into the system and invite people to order online.

You can offer a 5% discount for any first order to persuade indecisive people to press the Order Now button. Furthermore, you can create attractive flyers to spread around your neighborhood and let people know they can now order your delicious food online.

Find out more from this video:

Reports module

How can you know if your online ordering solutions work if you don’t monitor your results? With the Reports module, you can keep an eye on how your business is improving day by day, having access to data on the number and value of orders, website rank, number of new and returning customers, and much more.

You can also see the restaurant customer journey map from the moment a person clicks on your website to when they actually place and receive an order.

This way, you can identify where you are losing clients and find ways to improve. The feature also provides advice that will help you market your business better.


With the GloriaFood online fast-food ordering system, you can take your business to the next level. Not only will you increase your revenue by accepting online orders, but you’ll also have access to a powerful marketing tool that will get you ahead of your competitors.

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