Why Restaurants Need a Website: Advantages of Having an Online Location

advantages of having a website for a restaurant

Why do restaurants need a website? This is a question you, as a restaurant owner, may be asking yourself when devising a business plan and deciding what you should spend your money on.

The answer is both simple and complicated. For the simpler version, a website can help you make your mark online, attract more customers, and rank above your competitors in Google searches.

Moreover, 77% of people visit a restaurant’s website before they visit it or order online. It is your first chance to impress them. Check out all the advantages of having a website for your restaurant:

Why restaurants need a website: Advantages you will enjoy

Once you get an SEO and sales-optimized website for your restaurant, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

1. Be easy to reach and contact

Before people decide to visit or order from a restaurant, they like to do their research to ensure your business will fit all their needs. Many people want to know:

  • Your working hoursYour location
  • What foods you serve
  • If you have any special events on your calendar
  • What kind of ambiance you offer
  • Whether you accept online reservations and online payments
  • Whether they can place online orders for food delivery.

Why do restaurants need a website? Because you will be able to provide all the answers on a single page and not have people searching all over the internet and getting discouraged when they can’t find all the information they need.

Here is what you should include on your restaurant's website to give potential customers the gift of convenience:

  • Where your restaurant is (give them an address, map, and directions!)
    restaurant website best practices
  • What items you have on your current menu and your prices
    what makes a good restaurant website
  • How to reach you by phone and email
    why restaurants need a website
  • Mouth-watering photos of your food and your restaurant interior
    why restaurants need a website
  • Whether you have any specials or promos
    restaurant business website
  • Your social media profiles
    restaurant website statistics

2. Rank higher in Google searches

One of the most important reasons why restaurants need a website is to increase their online visibility by ranking high in relevant Google searches where potential customers will easily find them.

Search engines don’t give social pages much attention. However, Google and other search engines care A LOT about well-made websites that give their users reliable information.

What does this mean for your restaurant business?

Let’s say you own a taco restaurant in St. Louis. You have accounts on Instagram and Facebook, but you don’t have your own website. However, several of your competitors have websites that advertise their menus, taco specials, location, and opening hours.

When someone searches “tacos in St. Louis,” Google will give that person links to restaurant websites first. It may include a link to your Facebook page, but users will have to scroll far down the page to find the link.

Since your competitors get higher rankings, THEY will attract more customers.

Research shows that about 92% of search engine users only look at the first page of results. If you don’t reach the first page, potential customers will never even know that your business even exists.

When you ask, "How important is a website for a restaurant?", know that you're asking whether people will ever find out about your restaurant business

It doesn’t get much more important than this.

Therefore, having an SEO-optimized restaurant website is a must if you want your business to be visible online.

Learn more:How to Make a Food Ordering Website with GloriaFood in Different Website Builders

website for restaurant

3. Display your menu online to tempt more hungry customers

Your loyal customers already know what foods and drinks you serve. People looking for new experiences, though, want to learn more about your restaurant before giving you a chance.

Why do restaurants need a website? To showcase current menus for foods and drinks that will tempt potential customers to order from or visit your business with the help of mouth-watering pictures and attractive descriptions.

website for restaurants

The purpose of a restaurant website is to help customers choose you over other eateries. Persuade people to eat from your place by creating a menu they can’t resist.

Create an irresistible menu for your website in seconds Increase your sales by allowing people to order online Start now

Check out this video that shows you how to create an irresistible menu that you can easily add to your restaurant's website:

4. Get more online orders

People don’t typically use their smartphones to call businesses. They’d rather send text messages, use apps, or access businesses online.

It’s not just young people following this trend. Older smartphone owners don’t like making phone calls either.

Your website can let customers place orders without talking to any of your employees. People read your menu, select the items that they want, and submit their orders. You can even enable them to pay online.

restaurant website best practices

Make it as easy as possible for people to spend money at your restaurant by installing a free online ordering system on your restaurant website. It will not only boost your revenue, but also help market your business online.

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5. Attract bigger orders by showcasing your promotions

Even though your food looks delicious, clients often need a small encouragement to press the order now button. Promotions are a great way to both persuade people to become clients and convince them to order more.

Free delivery, 20% off, and get a free item are all great options of restaurant offers you can add on your website to tempt customers.

restaurant business website

Watch the video below to learn how to set up profitable promotions for your website in just a few seconds:

6. Showcase positive reviews to attract more customers

Researchers studying consumer behavior find that people put a lot of trust in online reviews.

94% of U.S. respondents to a study declared their dining decisions are influenced by online reviews.

Your website gives you a place to show off positive reviews that will bring more people through your door. You can’t control what people say about you on social media. However, you can encourage people to review you online and link your review profiles on your website!

what makes a good restaurant website

7. Fill more tables daily with table reservations and pre-orders

Gone are the days when people had to prepare to make a phone call for a restaurant reservation. Nowadays, most people enjoy the comfort of an online table booking system where they can get a table with just a few clicks online.

If you want to fill more tables, a website with an integrated online reservation system is a must. Customers will choose you time and time again if they know they can book a table directly on your website with no unnecessary interaction.

Furthermore, clients have the option to pre-order their food when booking a table to enjoy a faster service. They just browse the menu, add their desired items to the cart and choose to other pay online or at your location.

restaurant website statistics

How to get a website for your restaurant in no time

We’ve already established why restaurants need a website. A well-built website skyrockets your online presence and helps you bring in new and loyal clients who will continuously grow your sales.

But hiring a developer to create a website for you can be costly. How can you get a sales-optimized website without investing a lot of time, money, and effort?

The truth is you don’t need any tech or programming skills for restaurant website development. If you can create a Facebook profile, then you can make a website for your restaurant.

With our restaurant website builder, you only need ten free minutes and a few clicks to create a website that will satisfy every potential client. Watch this video tutorial to learn how you can make a restaurant website with little to no technical skills.

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